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Daemons always ask nicely //EXPO Masters Beeldhouwen K.A.S.K.

3 februari, 2022 - 10 februari, 2022

Tell me, is there vacancy in the house beyond the green?

Do chickens lay eggs all year long? How many does it take to build a dome? 

Do you prefer fast food? Or slow cooking?           

If you were a fisherman what would you be fishing for? If I was a fish, which bait would you use?

How to swim the mountain and climb the sea?

If unlimited growth is real, will our heads be bumping the moon soon? Are ten fingers enough to hold a thought?

Can I say my name without thinking of my own face? 

Am I a vessel that generates ideas or am I a person? Can I reflect someone else?

If nature could hold itself a mirror, would it weep?

Haven’t people been harsh to you? Can gladiators fight on a rubber boat? How many does it take to reach a conclusion? Do you want to see this again?


The master students sculpture 2021-2022 from the Royal Academy of Antwerp present their first exhibition as a group.

You are welcomed at the opening on 03/02 in blikfabriek


Vernissage Donderdag 03/02: 17:00- …



open: 15:00-19:00




3 februari, 2022
10 februari, 2022


Blikfabriek – expo
Krugerstraat 232
Hoboken, Antwerpen 2660
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